Create synergy and gratification among your customers or company staff

Venice lies on the water, placid and relaxed.

Yet Venice is also a wonderful setting for many dynamic and entertaining activities aimed at enhancing harmony, collaboration and mutual knowledge of staff, partners and customers!

In over 15 years of experience, we have developed many customisable formats.

Here some examples:RUN IN VENICE

Our ’Run in Venice’ proposal is a short, one-hour walk/run. The group, guided by one or more coaches, will work or run through the most picturesque streets of Venice, crossing Piazza San Marco and the Arsenal, covering part of the race route of the famous Venice Marathon.


With ‘Regata Veneziana’, our staff will welcome you aboard a typical 18th century Venetian boat, the beautiful Batea da Fresco. Once on board, you will be divided into teams and challenge each other on the technical movement of Venetian rowing

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Of course the dragon boat cannot be missed, the most dynamic and fun version that suits anyone even more. On this 12-meters boat rowers will bring out their team spirit and experience Venice from its best point of view: the water.

We give you new and original ideas to make you experience moments of sports, culture and tradition.


Choose ‘Venezia Cooking’ to taste the culinary tradition of Venice. After a shopping trip to the characteristic Fish Market with a professional Chef, guests will be divided into teams and will compete in the kitchen to prepare one of the typical Venetian dishes.


Venice Lido is known for the famous film festival, but did you know that its beaches also makes it a glamorous location to have fun and play sports on the beach?

With ‘Lido beach easy sport’, relaxation and leisure on the beach are guaranteed.

Various activities and sports tournaments will be held in one of Venice Lido’s beaches and anyone can join. It is a well-equipped space with bars and restaurants, showers and changing rooms with open or more shaded, hidden areas.

We give you the opportunity to improve and strengthen bonds through results.

Fun and competition help conveying your client’s goals, with sports incentives and team building for each and every participant.

We will increase the team spirit with unique activities, bring your customers to social events, and effectively guide you towards the solution that best fits your goals.

Thanks to the sports and the peculiarities of Venice, we will overcome professional barriers, optimise the supplier-customer relationship, build stronger bonds and resolve conflicts.

Activities, set-ups and entertainment will be carried out according to your needs, in your space or in a dedicated venue.

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