We promote our territory with local and high-impact events

We cooperate with institutions such as Municipalities, Pro Loco (Italian bodies promoting local culture and tourism), citizen’s committees, associations, but also businesses and individuals, in the realisation of events to promote the territory.

Whether these events are of a cultural, artistic, or historical nature or promoting typicality, we take care of the concept and realisation of every operational detail, including relations with public bodies, production, press office and sponsors.

We offer our full support, also handling paperwork and economic-financial management.

Contact us to find out the opportunities and services we provide to make your event memorable.

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Some of our works

Our services

  • Collaborations with Public Bodies

  • Art Productions

  • Recreational sports activities for children

The benefits of our services

Quality and creativity

An original and creative touch to make your local event unique

“Turnkey” organisation

We will take care of the production, you won’t have to worry

A long experience

Many events realised and the experience gained over the years make us feel confident at every stage

Design No limits!

From a small entertainment venue to a big event in a square…limitless!

2erre Organizzazioni is the right partner to organise events in your area